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Pacific Pride / Cardlock

 Pacific Pride Fuel Card Controls
Arguably the biggest benefit of using a cardlock fuel card like the Pacific Pride card are the controls the card will give you at the pump.



Some of the controls include;

• Unlike credit cards, the Pacific Pride card can only be used to purchase fuel.
• Gallon per transaction limits
• Number of transactions per day limits
• Time of day and day of week time frame limits


How To Get A Pacific Pride Fuel Card

The best way to get a Pacific Pride fuel card is to find a Pacific
Pride franchise near you [1] and apply for a fuel card. Usually you just
fill out an application that is very similar to a credit card
application and then the Pacific Pride franchise will setup your account
and order your fuel cards.


 Pacific Pride Fuel Card Locations

The Pacific Pride fuel card can be used at 1,300 cardlock locations and
57,000+ truck stops and retail gas stations. You can find the closest
Pacific Pride location near you by using the online site locator [2] or
Pacific Pride mobile app.